Rail-Station Information


Rail-Station Information

Rail-Station Information - Retrieve the rail station information corresponding to an Amadeus UIC rail station ID. Currently only French and Italian stations are supported.

Resource URL

https://api.sandbox.amadeus.com/v1.2 /rail-station/{id}

Query Parameters

Name Values Description

API Key provided for your account, to identify you for API access. Make sure to keep this API key secret.

Request Body

id Station ID for which further information is required. 8301700 true

Make a request and see the response.

Make a request and see the response.

Make a request and see the response.



Response format

The response is returned in JSON with the following elements:

Element Meaning Multiplicity
id The ID of this station, as provided in the request 1
type The type of code to which this station refers. Some codes represent agglomeration of multiple stations, whereas others represent an individual station. Possible values are AGGLOMERATION and STATION. 1
name The name of this station. 1
short_name The shortened name of this station (20 characters max) which may be used in certain cases. 1
country The ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code in which this station can be found. 1
location This station's approximate geolocation as a location object. 1
traffic An indication of the level of Intercity traffic passing through this station. 1
Location object
latitude The north-south coordinate of this location, in decimal degrees, between -90 and 90. 1
longitude The east-west coordinate of this location, in decimal degrees, between -180 and 180. 1

Example - Rail Stations Information

Here's a search examples. Just copy the following URLs in your browser. Don't forget use your own API key.


Retrieving information about the station code 8301700:

http://api.sandbox.amadeus.com/v1.2/rail-station/8301700?apikey=<your API key>


    "id": "8301700", 
    "type": "STATION", 
    "name": "MILANO CENTRALE", 
    "short_name": "MILANO CENTRALE", 
    "country": "IT", 
    "location": {
        "latitude": 45.2911, 
        "longitude": 9.1215
    "traffic": 29321


Most 7 character codes do not correspond to a rail station. In this case, you will receive an info response. For example:

http://api.sandbox.amadeus.com/v1.2/rail-station/WTF/?apikey=<YOUR API KEY>

will provide the following response:

    "Error": "WTF not a valid station ID, expecting a 7 character string"