Airport Autocomplete


Airport Autocomplete

Using the term parameter and given the start of any word in an airport's official name, a city name, or the start of an IATA code, this API provides the full name and IATA location code of the city or airport, for use in flight searches. Only major cities and civilian airports with several commercial flights per week are included by default. The response provides up to 20 possible matches, sorted by importance, in a JQuery UI Autocomplete compatible format. This sample implementation using JQuery UI may help. This API uses data from the OpenTravelData project.

By only using the country parameter, this API is also able to find all the IATA location codes associated with a country. Both term and country parameters can be used together to filter the results accordingly.

The value returned is the IATA location code. The label returned is always in UTF-8 format, with the airport official name (which is often in the native language), in the format of English City Name (if not already included in the airport name).

Resource URL /airports/autocomplete

Query Parameters

Name Values Description

API Key provided for your account, to identify you for API access. Make sure to keep this API key secret.


Search keyword that should represent the start of a word in a city or airport name.


Identified a country based of a ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code


Boolean to include or not all airports, no matter their traffic rank. False by default, to only display relevant airports.

Request Body

Make a request and see the response.

Make a request and see the response.

Make a request and see the response.



Response format - Airport Autocomplete

The response is returned as a JSON array of value/label objects which always has each of the following pieces of data:

Element Meaning
value The 3 letter IATA location code of the given city or airport. You can use this as an input parameter for a flight or inspiration search.
label The name of this airport, in UTF-8 format, prefixed with the name of the city if it is not already incorporated in the name of the airport, and appended with the location's IATA code (as in value), enclosed in square brackets.


Here's a request to find all locations whose name contains a word starting in Roch:<YOUR API KEY HERE>&term=Roch

The corresponding JSON response is:

        "value": "ROC", 
        "label": "Greater Rochester International Airport [ROC]"
        "value": "MEE", 
        "label": "La Roche Ile Mare Airport [MEE]"
        "value": "RST", 
        "label": "Rochester, Rochester International Airport [RST]"
        "value": "RCE", 
        "label": "Roche Harbor Seaplane Base [RCE]"
        "value": "LRH", 
        "label": "La Rochelle - \u00eele de R\u00e9 [LRH]"