Important announcement: The Travel Innovation Sandbox will be decommissioned on February 15, 2019. Say hello to Amadeus for Developers! For more info, read here.

The Travel Innovation APIs are a suite of Restful JSON APIs. Requests are made using standard HTTP calls, usually using the HTTP GET method. Responses come in the form of pretty-printed JSON.

Our consistent use of industry standards mean that you can interface with the APIs easily using a variety of frameworks and languages.


All calls to our APIs require you to provide an apikey query parameter in the URL. The value of this parameter should be your API key from the My Apps page. Each API key uniquely identifies you, the account holder, and your application, as the source of this API call. Keep this key secret, do not give it to others or check-it in with your code - we recommend it storing it as a system environment variable and reusing it from there. API keys associated with excessive API use or that are found to be publicly searchable on the internet may be revoked. While we support HTTP for many of our APIs, we recommend that you use HTTPS for all API usage to protect the secrecy of your API key.

Client Libraries

We offer client libraries for the Travel Innovation Sandbox for a selection of programming languages and frameworks. These libraries are provided as source code, once you have downloaded them you may modify them as appropriate and then compile them before use. The libraries are generated from our Swagger specification, by We're still tweaking our Swagger specs, so please let us know if you encounter any issues.

There is also an open Amadeus Python client library available. This is a third-party, independently produced library, which users report as giving good results. It is not associated with, endorsed or maintained by Amadeus, and is subject to different licensing to this site.

Where is your Javascript client?! You don't need one, just import our Swagger specification using SwaggerJS.

I'd like to use Postman No problem! For your convenience we offer our APIs as a Postman collection for you to import.

Error Handling

If your API request is invalid you will receive a Client Error in response from the system, with a HTTP 4xx status code. The body of the response will match the format defined in our swagger schema and generally provides more information on why the request was invalid. If something went wrong during the execution of your request, you will receive a Server error in response from the system, with a HTTP 5xx status code. The body will again match the defined error format, allowing your application to easily read it and display an appropriate message to the client. It may also carry some debugging information which you can submit to us if you would like us to investigate the error further


Resources for building your application

It's always difficult to find the right sources for data, images and other content to fill your application.

Here's some great, publicly-available projects we think might help provide you with useful input for whatever you're building

Know of a great resource we missed? Let us know at