Important announcement: The Travel Innovation Sandbox will be decommissioned on February 15, 2019. Say hello to Amadeus for Developers! For more info, read here.

The Amadeus Travel Innovation Sandbox currently includes the following APIs to help you build your travel related application or service proof-of-concept. We are adding new APIs all the time, so make sure to check for updates.


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Travel Innovation Sandbox v1.2 APIs  


To try our APIs, follow these simple steps.

  1. Register your account. An email will be sent to the address you provide, use the link in this email to set your password.
  2. Click on My Apps and create a new app to get your unique API key. Remember to keep this key secret!
  3. Provide your API key in all calls to access our content.


Flight APIs


The Flight Inspiration Search API lets you go beyond the traditional search by origin, destination and dates to meet the needs of travelers looking for suggestions and a search experience that reflects the way they choose their trip. This can help you answer the question “Where can I go within a given travel budget?”

The Extensive Flight Search API allows building travel searches based on very flexible and open range of dates. You can use it to answer questions such as “When is the best date to fly...”.

Both searches are built on Amadeus’ Featured Results technology, which returns thousands of results (prices, itineraries and dates) in a matter of milliseconds. Results are available over a full calendar year with a 1 to 30 day stay duration.

The Low-Fare Search API lets you find the cheapest one way or return itineraries and fares between two airports at specific dates. This API comes with a wide array of optional parameters to let you fine tune the query: departure and arrival time, departures or returns at a date range of up to two days, preferred airlines or cabins, number of adults, children and infant passenger, etc. Leveraging Amadeus’ sophisticated search algorithms and unbeatable content, the API returns up to 250 possible flight recommendations in a single transaction, each recommendation including detailed flight and price information. Note that the Low Fare Flight Search will not allow you to build multi-destinations searches, and doesn’t include booking capability.

Link your travelers to flight booking with our Flight Affiliate Search API. Powered by Travel Audience Connect, you will get flight itinerary results from their affiliate airlines in a format similar to our Low Fare Search API, with detailed flight information and a link to a pre-selected flight booking page on the airline’s mobile or desktop site. Our affiliate airlines currently include CityJet in Western Europe and Ural in Russia, with more to come. No payout is given to bookings made using a Travel Innovation Sandbox account: sign up for a full Travel Audience Connect account to earn commission on each flight booked using the deep links provided.

The Airport Autocomplete API provides a simple means to find an IATA location code for flight search based on a city or airport name. The API is fully JQuery-Autocomplete compatible to enable you to quickly build a drop-down list for your users to find the right airport easily. The Location Information API allows you to quickly find out more information about any IATA city or airport location code. With this API, you can find information such as city and airport names and locations, as well as information on timezones and airport usage.


Car Rental Shopping APIs


The Car Rental API uses Amadeus’ classic car service to locate the best available car. Define a circular area with one coordinate and radius, or provide an airport code, as well as the pick-up and drop-off dates, and get a list of car rental providers with their locations and rates. Optional parameters such as currency and rental provider codes are also available and can be used to narrow down the results. This API is an ideal pairing with the flight and hotel search to provide ground transportation options at the destination.



Rail and Train APIs


Amadeus' Instant Rail Cache technology provides schedule and pricing information for French TGV and Italian intercity trains. Use the Rail Station Autocomplete API to transform user input into a unique rail station code. Our schedule search can suggest destinations from your chosen departure station, and an instant extensive search will provide you with multi-day availability and a variety of schedule and pricing options to travel to your destination.



Travel Intelligence APIs


An enhanced personalized journey begins with an understanding of travelers' behavior and predicting what their needs are even before they begin the booking process. Amadeus Travel Intelligence is our next-generation suite of business intelligence solutions, leveraging big data technologies and the power of analytics providing Search Analysis such as Top Flight Destinations API and Top Flight Searches API along with our innovative Traffic Analaysis Flight Traffic API, allowing one to transform a truly tailor-made experience for travelers.